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Multi-Mobile Manipulator Payload Transport Robot

  • Date: 01/01/15
  • Guide: Suril Vijaykumar Shah
  • Team: Rahul Tallamraju, Venkatesh Sripada
  • Goal: To transport payload through obstacles efficiently using mobile manipulators.

This work addresses the problem of identifying feasible optimal formations for a group of non-holonomic mobile robots manipulating a payload with 6-Degree Of Freedom(DoF) movement through narrow spaces. We solve this problem in two stages. Initially we find a feasible obstacle-free trajectory for the system. Subsequently, we arrive at optimal formation that efficiently moves through narrow spaces by simultaneously minimizing a kinetic energy metric and a geometric stability criterion. The best robot motion plans are devised through multi-objective optimization. We demonstrate that stable and energy efficient formations are achievable, independent of system dynamics for a multi-robot, quasi-static, payload transport system moving through narrow spaces. Click here for an extended abstract. Video of Simulation