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Wheeled Robots playing Chain Catch

  • Start Date: 01/01/13
  • End Date: -
  • Guide: Kamalakar Karlapalem
  • Students Involved: Garima Agarwal

Robots playing games that humans are adept in is a challenge. We studied robotic agents playing Chain Catch game as a Multi-Agent System (MAS). Our game starts with a traditional Catch game similar to Pursuit evasion, and further extends it to form a growing chain of predator agents to chase remaining preys. Hence Chain Catch is a combination of two challenges - pursuit domain and robotic chain formation. These are games that require team of robotic agents to cooperate among themselves and to compete with other group of agents through quick decision making. In this paper, we present a Chain Catch simulator that allows us to incorporate game rules, design strategies and simulate the game play. We developed cost model driven strategies for each of Escapee, Catcher and Chain. Our results show that Sliding slope strategy is the best strategy for Escapees whereas Tagging method is the best method for chain0 s movement in Chain Catch. We also use production quality robots to implement the game play in a physical environment and analyze game strategies on real robots. Our real robots implementation in different scenarios shows that game strategies work as expected and a complete chain formation takes place successfully in each game. AAMAS paper